About us


Bottle Distillery works with a small-scale approach and small batches. The quality of our products comes first in every step of the proces. We only use the finest ingredients, without artificial addiditives. For the distillation we take plenty of time for the best result. Most parts of the proces are done manually, wherein we constantly can monitor the quality of our products. This way honest quality products are born with the best flavor, aroma and color.

The proces of distillation is a beautiful craft and we’re exciting to show you how we create our finest distillates. Our potstill with copper helmet is off course the shiny center of our distillery.


As much as is possible we work with other entrepreneurs from Eindhoven and surroundings. Entrepreneurs who, just like us, go for the best results. For example, we use the beer of our neighbor, the city brewery of Eindhoven, for our Beer brandy. And for our coffee liqueur we use the coffee beans from the local coffee-roasting factory Bean Brothers.


Bottle Distillery is located in the premises of the Schellensfactory , the last textile factory in Eindhoven. This industrial site is now home to many crafts. Besides Bottle Distillery you will find the city brewery of Eindhoven, designers, architects and meeting rooms. The partly listed building is situated in the center of Eindhoven at the corner Vestdijk and Bleekweg.